Finding Time

Keyboard typing

It is definitely tough going, chasing a dream. Trying to catch snippets of time between work and family; children needing my attention, husband feeling neglected, work pressures. No solitude and even less energy.

I love my job, coworkers, and sense of purpose, but I do wish I had more discipline at the end of the day. I find that if I start to create instead of sink into the couch with a glass of wine (mmm, wine), I catch a second wind and am able to go just a little longer. This is when I have to plug back into that passion and dream to get a little more steam at the end of the day.

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Freaking Fabulous Midlife: Geena Davis

Geena Davis, Bentonville Film Festival fundraising event
Geena Davis, Bentonville Film Festival fundraising event

Creative Energy – Never Stop Growing

Geena Davis has always been something of an achiever. Church organist in her teens (have you ever tried to play an organ ??), exchange student to Sweden in high school which lead to a fluency in Swedish ( … ), Mensa member, actress, model, sometime writer, and semi-finalist on the US Olympics archery team. This last was in the year 2000, long after she had achieved fame, success, and multiple awards for her acting.

One of the things I love most about this long weekend of midlife is the resurgence of energy and creativity I so often see in women 40+. Geena Davis embodies that energy.

She says of herself, “I take everything too far” and aren’t we lucky she does. Short list, she has:

  • worked with the Women’s Sports Foundation in support of Title IX
  • sponsored research into gender representation in children’s programming
  • founded the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, and most recently
  • created the Bentonville Film Festival to broaden opportunities for women and people of color in the film industry

Oh honey, she is amazing. Total presence and energy on screen, she has always had an utterly unique look and feel which undoubtedly comes from her intelligence and drive. She has a passion to create and improve upon anything within her scope – which is apparently everything. It is gratifying that she uses her visibility to call attention to and work for the things she is passionate about.

Gratifying and inspiring! What will your “what’s next” be?

What’s up Wednesday?

Midlife Blogger Babes

You know how you think you have an awesome, original ideal, only to discover that someone else got there before you and did it better? But they did it so well, you can’t even be mad about it?

Such is the case with the brilliant ladies at the Midlife Rambler and Ripped Jeans and Bifocals blogs. I mean, I totally wish I’d come up with that name, even though Jill Robbins of the RJ&B (just made that up – sorry, Jill!) somewhat regrets it.  When I read Katy’s story of how the Midlife Rambler came to be, it was like discovering the made-for-TV version of my own experience — same only better. Bonus: a great list of other awesome midlife blogs, woohoo!

These are definitely the cool chicks and I wanna sit at their table

I cruise through the archives of these ladies’ blogs and see where I hope to go: fun voice, bright writing style, timely topics. I’m happy to hear they advocate finding and connecting with your tribe because they are definitely the cool chicks and I wanna sit at their table. You should go check them out!

Transformation Tuesday: Midlife Fitness

The Evolution of the So What Selfie

Not gonna lie – Sometimes I’m fairly well appalled at this whole “getting older” thing. Quite often I don’t like how I look and I’m not crazy about how I feel. But sticking my head in the sand isn’t going to make things any better.  Enter the “so what selfie” – my attempt to acquaint myself with the current state of my (ahem) affairs.

I’m working on my acceptance and my attitude, and hoping my taking a few proactive steps will help me come to terms with the inevitable. Today, I tried one of Kayla Itsines’ BBG programs. Holy Wow. The goal was two sets of two circuits, ideally at 7 minutes each for a total of 28 minutes. Heh, heh – yeah, no.

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Waiting for “What’s Next?”

Middle school gym class. Junior high, we called it back then. That was the first time I remember counting down the days. Even then I had this vague sense that I shouldn’t wish away the present, be here now and all that. But the siren song of “How many days until Summer?!?” was definitely too strong to resist.

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Freaking Fabulous Midlife: Jane Davies

Freaking Fabulous Friday: Those who have Got It Going On

I had to start this series with probably my biggest crush. Jane Davies inspires me like no other. One of my biggest goals is to attend one of her live workshops – especially if I get to meet her chickens! But in lieu of that, I love to have her YouTube channel running while I work in the studio. It’s like having a very talented and encouraging friend working at the next table, inspiring you to try new techniques, mediums, and color combinations (Unlocking the Secrets of Color downloadable now!).

Words that describe her teaching and artistic style would have to include fearless and playful, but underpinning all is an amazing generosity, humor, and undeniable talent. Yeah, I’m way smitten.

From the tutorial on working with neutrals
From the tutorial on working with neutrals

Her teaching philosophy could double as a guide for midlife itself:

Cultivating a degree of comfort, or at least willingness, with that awkward territory of not-knowing, is one of the keys to finding your creative edge

Even if art isn’t your thing, I encourage you to check out some of her videos. There’s just something so Zen and relaxing, freeing even, in them. Like so much else in this long weekend – we can give ourselves permission to let go of perfectionism and just play!

(Speaking of play – be sure to check out the link party going on at Living with Batman!)

What’s up Wednesday? Lola Flash

Toni Parks, by Lola Flash   © lola flash

What is that phenomenon called? Reticular activation or something like that? I love that the more I look for positive aging examples and advocates, the more I find.

The Huffington Post ran a quick blurb last Spring highlighting Lola Flash’s photography series, “Salt” which makes the persuasive and emphatic statement that the best is yet to come. It’s a quick paragraph or so, but certainly provides food for thought and fodder for further google searches.

Favorite quote from the article:

Salt’s photos not only capture the physical features of her subjects, but their strength, passion and energy. “I want to show their beauty. I want to challenge stereotypes and offer new ways of seeing that transcend and interrogate gender, sexual and racial norms. My work welcomes audiences who are willing to not only look, but see.”

Have a click over and check it out!

Turn Back the Clock?

New Year's Selfie 2016
New Year’s Selfie 2016

Transformation Tuesday – the So What Selfie

I’m from the baby oil generation. SPF nuthin’. The sun-in with the blow dryer and a crazy orange QT glow. So it is with a fair amount of generous optimism that I approach “anti-aging” products. There’s really only so much anyone or anything can do here, lezbehonest. And while I’m not kidding myself that I can turn back the clock – or the calendar – there’s a definite appeal to the idea of aging with grace and looking the best you can for as long as you can. To that end, I’m starting a flirtation with a DIY transformation situation.

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On Midlife Beauty

It’s biology, really. We are hardwired to desire the youthful and the symmetrical so as to grow and improve the species.

But also, it’s not biology, not in its true organic state. Our big, smart brains teamed up with our amygdalas to exploit our anxious id to feed our hungry avarice. Yeah, OK, I don’t know how well all those mixed metaphors would hold up in English Comp 101, but you get my drift, right? We’ve manipulated ourselves into believing that the closer we are to age 20, on either side of the timeline, the more acceptable, desirable, and worthwhile we are.

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