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Finding Time

Keyboard typing

It is definitely tough going, chasing a dream. Trying to catch snippets of time between work and family; children needing my attention, husband feeling neglected, work pressures. No solitude and even less energy.

I love my job, coworkers, and sense of purpose, but I do wish I had more discipline at the end of the day. I find that if I start to create instead of sink into the couch with a glass of wine (mmm, wine), I catch a second wind and am able to go just a little longer. This is when I have to plug back into that passion and dream to get a little more steam at the end of the day.

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What’s up Wednesday?

Midlife Blogger Babes

You know how you think you have an awesome, original ideal, only to discover that someone else got there before you and did it better? But they did it so well, you can’t even be mad about it?

Such is the case with the brilliant ladies at the Midlife Rambler and Ripped Jeans and Bifocals blogs. I mean, I totally wish I’d come up with that name, even though Jill Robbins of the RJ&B (just made that up – sorry, Jill!) somewhat regrets it.  When I read Katy’s story of how the Midlife Rambler came to be, it was like discovering the made-for-TV version of my own experience — same only better. Bonus: a great list of other awesome midlife blogs, woohoo!

These are definitely the cool chicks and I wanna sit at their table

I cruise through the archives of these ladies’ blogs and see where I hope to go: fun voice, bright writing style, timely topics. I’m happy to hear they advocate finding and connecting with your tribe because they are definitely the cool chicks and I wanna sit at their table. You should go check them out!

Waiting for “What’s Next?”

Middle school gym class. Junior high, we called it back then. That was the first time I remember counting down the days. Even then I had this vague sense that I shouldn’t wish away the present, be here now and all that. But the siren song of “How many days until Summer?!?” was definitely too strong to resist.

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