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Too Old?

Am I too Old?
I have questions

“Am I too old to wear this?”

I was in my twenties the first time I asked that question. Now granted, I was wearing a white pleather mini skirt and a screaming neon green cold shoulder crop top with equally bright highlighter orange bangles and ankle socks. I should have been questioning my taste, not the calendar.  (Or even the fact that I was wearing this get up to work…) But I remember that the girlfriends I asked sort of paused and looked concerned, And embarrassed.


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Why The Long Weekend?

The Long Weekend
Weekends are for adventure

What’s with the name?

Swinging on a hammock with my teenager one evening in early autumn, we began brainstorming blog title ideas. I started describing various environments and asking her advice and input on how to translate that visually.

I described for her the environment and feel that the blog seemed to be sending my way: that of a long weekend. A nice break, longer than the usual weekend, but not as drawn out as a full vacation. Not as much pressure to be momentous, but with the opportunity for spontaneous fun and adventure. I told her I was drawn to the name “The Long Weekend”, but that it was sometimes used to describe the period between the two World Wars, at least in England.

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Gifting: What (Midlife) Women Want

What constitutes a gift?

Something offered, or given from one person or entity to another, hopefully free of strings and expectations. A gift can be a favorable attribute or skill; the gift of gab, gifted and talented, gifted artist or musician. At certain times of the year, we turn our collective thoughts to gift-giving and buying. And even though it is a purely artificial construct, it’s nice to have a sanctioned nudge to focus our attentions on someone dear to us.

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Midlife Fabulous

OK, we seriously need to talk. This conversation has been rolling around in my head for the longest time and I just have to stop for a second and tell you this: Do you realize how awesome you are? No. I can tell that you don’t by the way you just rolled your eyes and the automatic litany of “flaws” you rattled off in your head.

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where to next?

Where to next?

Welcome to The Long Weekend, a midlife pause between adventures!

I’m Pamela, and my vision for this blog is for it to be a useful and entertaining destination for you. That is, if you, like me are a woman over 40, probably feeling a bit ignored by mainstream media, but still with plenty to do, think, feel, and express. Most likely you’re a little freaked out by the aging process. Maybe you’re a woman looking for information, inspiration, and encouragement, or at least some solidarity as you embrace who and where you are now.

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