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What’s up Wednesday?

Midlife Blogger Babes

You know how you think you have an awesome, original ideal, only to discover that someone else got there before you and did it better? But they did it so well, you can’t even be mad about it?

Such is the case with the brilliant ladies at the Midlife Rambler and Ripped Jeans and Bifocals blogs. I mean, I totally wish I’d come up with that name, even though Jill Robbins of the RJ&B (just made that up – sorry, Jill!) somewhat regrets it.  When I read Katy’s story of how the Midlife Rambler came to be, it was like discovering the made-for-TV version of my own experience — same only better. Bonus: a great list of other awesome midlife blogs, woohoo!

These are definitely the cool chicks and I wanna sit at their table

I cruise through the archives of these ladies’ blogs and see where I hope to go: fun voice, bright writing style, timely topics. I’m happy to hear they advocate finding and connecting with your tribe because they are definitely the cool chicks and I wanna sit at their table. You should go check them out!

Freaking Fabulous Midlife: Jane Davies

Freaking Fabulous Friday: Those who have Got It Going On

I had to start this series with probably my biggest crush. Jane Davies inspires me like no other. One of my biggest goals is to attend one of her live workshops – especially if I get to meet her chickens! But in lieu of that, I love to have her YouTube channel running while I work in the studio. It’s like having a very talented and encouraging friend working at the next table, inspiring you to try new techniques, mediums, and color combinations (Unlocking the Secrets of Color downloadable now!).

Words that describe her teaching and artistic style would have to include fearless and playful, but underpinning all is an amazing generosity, humor, and undeniable talent. Yeah, I’m way smitten.

From the tutorial on working with neutrals
From the tutorial on working with neutrals

Her teaching philosophy could double as a guide for midlife itself:

Cultivating a degree of comfort, or at least willingness, with that awkward territory of not-knowing, is one of the keys to finding your creative edge

Even if art isn’t your thing, I encourage you to check out some of her videos. There’s just something so Zen and relaxing, freeing even, in them. Like so much else in this long weekend – we can give ourselves permission to let go of perfectionism and just play!

(Speaking of play – be sure to check out the link party going on at Living with Batman!)