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Freaking Fabulous Midlife: Geena Davis

Geena Davis, Bentonville Film Festival fundraising event
Geena Davis, Bentonville Film Festival fundraising event

Creative Energy – Never Stop Growing

Geena Davis has always been something of an achiever. Church organist in her teens (have you ever tried to play an organ ??), exchange student to Sweden in high school which lead to a fluency in Swedish ( … ), Mensa member, actress, model, sometime writer, and semi-finalist on the US Olympics archery team. This last was in the year 2000, long after she had achieved fame, success, and multiple awards for her acting.

One of the things I love most about this long weekend of midlife is the resurgence of energy and creativity I so often see in women 40+. Geena Davis embodies that energy.

She says of herself, “I take everything too far” and aren’t we lucky she does. Short list, she has:

  • worked with the Women’s Sports Foundation in support of Title IX
  • sponsored research into gender representation in children’s programming
  • founded the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, and most recently
  • created the Bentonville Film Festival to broaden opportunities for women and people of color in the film industry

Oh honey, she is amazing. Total presence and energy on screen, she has always had an utterly unique look and feel which undoubtedly comes from her intelligence and drive. She has a passion to create and improve upon anything within her scope – which is apparently everything. It is gratifying that she uses her visibility to call attention to and work for the things she is passionate about.

Gratifying and inspiring! What will your “what’s next” be?

Transformation Tuesday: Midlife Fitness

The Evolution of the So What Selfie

Not gonna lie – Sometimes I’m fairly well appalled at this whole “getting older” thing. Quite often I don’t like how I look and I’m not crazy about how I feel. But sticking my head in the sand isn’t going to make things any better.  Enter the “so what selfie” – my attempt to acquaint myself with the current state of my (ahem) affairs.

I’m working on my acceptance and my attitude, and hoping my taking a few proactive steps will help me come to terms with the inevitable. Today, I tried one of Kayla Itsines’ BBG programs. Holy Wow. The goal was two sets of two circuits, ideally at 7 minutes each for a total of 28 minutes. Heh, heh – yeah, no.

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Freaking Fabulous Midlife: Jane Davies

Freaking Fabulous Friday: Those who have Got It Going On

I had to start this series with probably my biggest crush. Jane Davies inspires me like no other. One of my biggest goals is to attend one of her live workshops – especially if I get to meet her chickens! But in lieu of that, I love to have her YouTube channel running while I work in the studio. It’s like having a very talented and encouraging friend working at the next table, inspiring you to try new techniques, mediums, and color combinations (Unlocking the Secrets of Color downloadable now!).

Words that describe her teaching and artistic style would have to include fearless and playful, but underpinning all is an amazing generosity, humor, and undeniable talent. Yeah, I’m way smitten.

From the tutorial on working with neutrals
From the tutorial on working with neutrals

Her teaching philosophy could double as a guide for midlife itself:

Cultivating a degree of comfort, or at least willingness, with that awkward territory of not-knowing, is one of the keys to finding your creative edge

Even if art isn’t your thing, I encourage you to check out some of her videos. There’s just something so Zen and relaxing, freeing even, in them. Like so much else in this long weekend – we can give ourselves permission to let go of perfectionism and just play!

(Speaking of play – be sure to check out the link party going on at Living with Batman!)

Midlife Fabulous

OK, we seriously need to talk. This conversation has been rolling around in my head for the longest time and I just have to stop for a second and tell you this: Do you realize how awesome you are? No. I can tell that you don’t by the way you just rolled your eyes and the automatic litany of “flaws” you rattled off in your head.

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