Finding Time

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It is definitely tough going, chasing a dream. Trying to catch snippets of time between work and family; children needing my attention, husband feeling neglected, work pressures. No solitude and even less energy.

I love my job, coworkers, and sense of purpose, but I do wish I had more discipline at the end of the day. I find that if I start to create instead of sink into the couch with a glass of wine (mmm, wine), I catch a second wind and am able to go just a little longer. This is when I have to plug back into that passion and dream to get a little more steam at the end of the day.


Blogging is appealing because it is a creative outlet and a connection to community. A way to find and share my own voice. I know some folks are able to cobble together an income from their blogs, but for me I imagine it will just be a fun hobby and creative outlet. Connecting to a community of women who are stoked by the fires of midlife ambitions would be completely fantastic!

However, the idea of an online business and eventually a small shop is tempting as a way to bring in a little income and also to fill the inevitable void after the kids grow up and move on. I can see that it will definitely take up a good deal of brain space and can expand to fill as many hours as I have to give!

Mostly it brings a sense of hope, freedom, and independence. How cool would it be to decide where my time, energy, and skills are used after all these years working for others? We have the platform to share and be our own true selves here. I love what I see happening among the young and energetic out there. Katy Wilcox, Melyssa Griffin, and Myriah Cox, particularly among the younger set, Accidental Icon and Midlife Rambler on the more mature end of the spectrum.

My plan is to shorten my work hours next year in order to give more attention to home, family, and internet dreams, so here’s hoping! I’d love to hear what you have in mind for your second act!

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