Gifting: What (Midlife) Women Want

What constitutes a gift?

Something offered, or given from one person or entity to another, hopefully free of strings and expectations. A gift can be a favorable attribute or skill; the gift of gab, gifted and talented, gifted artist or musician. At certain times of the year, we turn our collective thoughts to gift-giving and buying. And even though it is a purely artificial construct, it’s nice to have a sanctioned nudge to focus our attentions on someone dear to us.

I don’t know you yet, although I hope to. I have a feeling I kind of get you, and hopefully over time I’ll come to know just the sort of things you would appreciate. I love the gift-giving season because it’s fun to think of some small thing to delight someone I care about. It’s fun to imagine their pleasant surprise when the gift is presented to them.

If we are as similar as I imagine, you would like to be appreciated and celebrated for who you are and encouraged in what you wish to be. You’d like to be able to move ahead with your plans without worrying about the opinions of others quite so much. You would like to be seen without regard to how you look in a bikini. Because really, unless you are a physical trainer, body builder, or bikini model, what difference could that possibly make? *

I don’t know you yet, although I hope to

You would probably really like a little time to gather your thoughts and focus on what you might want to do next.

My wish is for you to have those things and more. And although I can’t wrap them up and send them off by post to your door, I would like nothing more than to help bring these gifts within reach. So I leave you with my very best wishes for the coming year and for always, and a promise to keep you in mind as I go through these next few months, looking for good things to share.

*Disclosure, I am still vain enough to care about my figure, but not enough to base my self-worth on it. That is definitely a perk of aging!

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