Midlife Fabulous

OK, we seriously need to talk. This conversation has been rolling around in my head for the longest time and I just have to stop for a second and tell you this: Do you realize how awesome you are? No. I can tell that you don’t by the way you just rolled your eyes and the automatic litany of “flaws” you rattled off in your head.

Yeah, I get it – women our age have been marketed to and manipulated from the nursery onward to compare, contrast, and critique ourselves within ever-narrowing “ideals” – wow, two sets of air quotes in this post already – for the express purpose of parting us with our hard-earned dollars. Or, you know, 78 cents.

But here’s the thing – I know for a fact that you are straight up amazing, just by virtue of being here. I also know that you are an incredibly beautiful creature and that your beauty has zero to do with the number of LB’s on the scale, or wrinkles on your face or rolls on your mid-section or candles on your cake.

I know for sure that you are freaking fabulous

Sure you want to look good, feel good and do good – but not as defined by and for the generation or so behind us. For you. Where you are, how you are. And I’m betting you feel a little invisible, mentally trying on looks and lifestyles through a filter that asks if they would look ridiculous on you. So I’m just going to put this out there: No. No, they would not.

In case you haven’t heard this lately, or even if you have, because it bears repeating: you are freaking fabulous and if it’s something you want to try or explore in your life then it is exactly where and what you need to be doing and the only one you need to check in with on this is you.

I’m betting on these things being true for you because they are so for me – 53 years old and not quite sure how I got here. It certainly, as they say, “escalated quickly.” I was just kind of busy having a life, you know? But even though I look a good bit older and sometimes move a little more cautiously (ah, experience …), I don’t think or feel old at all. And I am hungry for a bit more representation.

So it finally occurred to me to be the thing I’m seeking – hence this blog and the central question in it: Where to next? Let’s go find out!

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