Transformation Tuesday: Midlife Fitness

The Evolution of the So What Selfie

Not gonna lie – Sometimes I’m fairly well appalled at this whole “getting older” thing. Quite often I don’t like how I look and I’m not crazy about how I feel. But sticking my head in the sand isn’t going to make things any better.  Enter the “so what selfie” – my attempt to acquaint myself with the current state of my (ahem) affairs.

I’m working on my acceptance and my attitude, and hoping my taking a few proactive steps will help me come to terms with the inevitable. Today, I tried one of Kayla Itsines’ BBG programs. Holy Wow. The goal was two sets of two circuits, ideally at 7 minutes each for a total of 28 minutes. Heh, heh – yeah, no.

Let me just enlighten the uninitiated here – this girl is NO. JOKE. Her stuff is no frills old school calisthenics and it will get your body’s attention. I made it through one very sloppy set of the two circuits and was sweating + wheezing fit to die. Not about to let that stop me, though! Those transformation photos, y’all … v. tempting.

Also, can I just give a shout out to Katy over at the Midlife Rambler? She is not only working on a Big Fat Scary Goal (and encouraging others to join her) but she’s brave enough to post a video of her progress. Mujere!

This midlife fitness business is a whole new ball game!

I’m breathlessly (so breathless) awaiting the Android app of Sweat with Kayla (tried the web version for a bit and it looks promising), but for now there’s only an iOS version. The cool part is how at-home friendly the program is. I love a good gym experience, but scheduling has been tough around here, so this is a good fit at the moment.

How about you? How are you keeping fit these days?

2 thoughts on “Transformation Tuesday: Midlife Fitness

  1. that skirt is so cute and the blue shoes really make it pop.

    Alas too many sweets made me want to do some fitness too. Mostly writing things down helped my cut back on my sweet snacks…replacing chocolate with fruit.

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