Turn Back the Clock?

New Year's Selfie 2016
New Year’s Selfie 2016

Transformation Tuesday – the So What Selfie

I’m from the baby oil generation. SPF nuthin’. The sun-in with the blow dryer and a crazy orange QT glow. So it is with a fair amount of generous optimism that I approach “anti-aging” products. There’s really only so much anyone or anything can do here, lezbehonest. And while I’m not kidding myself that I can turn back the clock – or the calendar – there’s a definite appeal to the idea of aging with grace and looking the best you can for as long as you can. To that end, I’m starting a flirtation with a DIY transformation situation.

The take-away here is that I’m out to prove a point – in fact several points. This list is probably definitely a work-in-progress: 1) We’re not dead yet, 2) We’re not as invisible as we once were, 3) We’re a super-viable market that it would be wise to pay attention to, 4) Condescend to us or make fun of us at your financial peril.

It is with a fair amount of generous optimism that I approach “anti-aging” products

We’re not cougars or former soccer moms, we’re multidimensional, savvy, and wise. Even though we aren’t trying to look like or compete with our younger sisters (or selves), we’re not above trying to be our most gorgeous, either. So that’s why I’m starting a series I like to call the “so what selfie.”

I’m hoping to get an honest idea of my appearance and take back control of my self-perception. And, as my thoroughly amazing 16-year old puts it, dismantle the stigma. Aaand … I’ll be posting some unflinching before and after’s to document a real world trial of health and beauty transformations. Eventually. Terror.

I’ve heard it said that attitude and persistence make the greatest difference in whether or not you succeed. I am not fooling myself that it will be either quick or easy but I am absolutely convinced I can improve my physical self. I have so many plans and ideas – this body needs to be able to keep up with them! For now, the goals are: to build up confidence, prepare for a long haul and make the effort.

It will take effort to plan and prepare meals. It will take effort to go to exercise consistently and often. It will take effort and will power to stick with it. Consistency. “Confidence grows the more you practice it,” says Kayla Itsines of the Bikini Body Guides.

Time + Effort + Consistency = Success

Transformation is hard. And scary. And takes a change in habit as much as anything. And none of us is all that fond of change. So let’s just take this one baby step at a time, hmm?

How about you? Are you up for a challenge this year? What’s on your agenda?

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  1. Can’t wait to see what you try! I’m from the same generation and partook freely of the baby oil. Thanks to some bad eating over the holidays I currently have wrinkles and acne so I’m definitely getting back on the skincare wagon myself.

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