Waiting for “What’s Next?”

Middle school gym class. Junior high, we called it back then. That was the first time I remember counting down the days. Even then I had this vague sense that I shouldn’t wish away the present, be here now and all that. But the siren song of “How many days until Summer?!?” was definitely too strong to resist.

These days I’m fighting to hold back time, having enjoyed possibly the last perfect summer and lazy holidays with my kids at home, the same children I taught to count down the days until birthdays and school breaks with paper chains. I love that they sometimes still do this, even as -gulp- high schoolers. Really, though, how did that happen? It feels like they were babies just yesterday!

Old habits die hard – still counting down the days until my “what’s next”

Once again, though, I’m counting. Half dreading, half excited (which Jane Austen said sooo much better) for what will be next. I’m planning and dreaming, setting myself a goal to launch my “what’s next” in a very few months.  I want to gather together some of the various things that I love and share them with the online world. Once I’ve got the hang of blogging, I believe the next step for me will be starting a small business, online first and eventually brick-and-mortar.

I’m still balancing and juggling – old habits die hard – but I’d like to build a business that I can do without completely abandoning my family. Ever searching for community, yet loathe to leave a cat-draped couch and cup of hot tea, I’m hoping to connect with others, share my experiences and, eventually, the things I love. I’m hoping you will do the same!

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