What’s up Wednesday? Lola Flash

Toni Parks, by Lola Flash   © lola flash

What is that phenomenon called? Reticular activation or something like that? I love that the more I look for positive aging examples and advocates, the more I find.

The Huffington Post ran a quick blurb last Spring highlighting Lola Flash’s photography series, “Salt” which makes the persuasive and emphatic statement that the best is yet to come. It’s a quick paragraph or so, but certainly provides food for thought and fodder for further google searches.

Favorite quote from the article:

Salt’s photos not only capture the physical features of her subjects, but their strength, passion and energy. “I want to show their beauty. I want to challenge stereotypes and offer new ways of seeing that transcend and interrogate gender, sexual and racial norms. My work welcomes audiences who are willing to not only look, but see.”

Have a click over and check it out!

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