The Long Weekend

where to next?
Where to next?

Hello and Welcome to The Long Weekend, a midlife pause between adventures!

I’m Pamela and my vision for this blog is for it to be a useful and entertaining destination for you. That is, if you, like me are a woman over 40, probably feeling a bit ignored by mainstream media, but still with plenty to do, think, feel, and express. Most likely you’re a little freaked out by the aging process. Maybe you’re a woman looking for information, inspiration, and encouragement, or at least some solidarity as you embrace who and where you are now.

Possibly you have a couple of kids who are getting ready to leave the nest and you are starting to see the light at the end of the mommy tunnel. Maybe it’s time to dust the cobwebs off some of those dreams of yours.

Could be, like me, you definitely don’t feel old but you know you’re not exactly the young demographic you see marketed to everywhere. You may be having trouble finding mentors and examples for this next season of life. You still want to look and feel great, but this time on your own terms. You’re getting your second wind and it feels pretty good.

A lot of what you’ll find here, at least at the beginning, will be my own personal ramblings. I promise to provide useful links and information relative to the mature woman’s interests, as well as inspiration for aging with grace and style, and maybe a bit of audacity.

I’m definitely still learning, and the shape of this blog is shifting on a daily, if not hourly basis. Part of the fun here is sharing the adventure! Which leads me to the thing I want to ask of you … please share your plans, wishes, and ideas – what you need from me, what you want to see more of. A long weekend alone can be very therapeutic and enlightening, but it’s a whole lot better when it’s shared.

So I just have one little question for you – where to next?!